My Angel from Above

My Angel from Above

My Angel from Above

I know that I am loved by God, His signs are very clear;rose2

I can tell He loves me very much, For He sent you, Olya dear.

For many years my heart has wept, I thought God had forgot;

But an Angel had been saved for me, and my worries were for naught.

October fourth, two thousand one, is the day my life would start;

I saw your eyes so soft and brown, and forever lost my heart.

The way your hair adorns your neck, with scattered strands of gold;

In many lands I’ve never seen, Such beauty to behold.

The love you carry deep inside, For Jesus Christ is clear;

I know now why my heart is full, whenever you are near.

Two gentle hands so soft to touch, such tender skin to kiss;

Its true God loves me very much, to have blessed me such as this.

I can’t believe your love is mine, so pure, so full of care;

But I feel it when you smile so slight, and call me Teddy Bear.

Yes, God’s blessing is so clear to me, with so much warmth and love,

For He placed you with me Olya dear, my Angel from above.

Copywrite 2011


2 thoughts on “My Angel from Above

  1. Hi Clay! It’s very appropriate Clay that you published this beautiful piece of poetry on Valentine’s Day.

    As long as we each have an open heart, it should be understood that all human beings are blessed to have an angel from above watch over them.

    It is also important that we have Jesus Christ be an important figure within our lives. After all, He was sent by God Himself to take away all of our sins, done through the most sacrificial act in the history of this world.

    The trouble with the world today, (exhibited by what happened in that Floriday high school on, tragically, Valentine’s Day ) is that there is now such a high level of wickedness and hatred among human beings towards others and to the point that a certain percentage of people do not understand the value of life.

    Perhaps if people would take the time to not only love their neighbors as they love themselves and also show a level of respect for others without casting judgement the world would be a much better place.

    And in addition to that, perhaps people should come to read beautiful poetry such as was written in this article; understanding that there is an angel from above who has nothing but best interests for that individual that is watched over.


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