The Great Alone review

The Great Alone review

             A True AdventureThe great alone

Kristen Hannah once again brings us a novel that refuses to be put down. I will try to give you my thoughts on this wonderful drama without and spoilers, but it won’t be easy.

A damaged Viet Nam veteran, Ernt Allbrigh, returns home in need of a new start. He quickly packs up his wife, Cora, and his new daughter Leni, and heads off to the wonderful wilderness of Kaneq, Alaska. There is an adjustment period for the family, but with the help of friendly townspeople, the family soon find themselves gardening, hunting and foraging with the best of them.

As the winter nights grow longer, the demons from Ernt’s past start to emerge. His family begins to pay the price when his temper lashes out and his sanity starts to leave. His abusive actions toward his wife are soon known by his neighbors, and they wonder why Cora stays with him. The lies and the broken dreams and promises are more than one can bare, but their dysfunctional love affair seems to hold everything together.

Leni’s friends in Keneq can’t understand why she doesn’t run from her troubled parents and escape to collage, but the strange bond her family holds keeps here there, dedicated and unfaltering.

Once again, Kristen Hannah takes us on the emotional rollercoaster that only she can. The Great Alone is a chilling, adventurous tale with characters that are realistic and believable. I highly recommend this novel, and my review gives it a perfect 10 out of 10 stars.

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