How to Make Money being an Affiliate Marketer

How to Make Money being an Affiliate Marketer

Be an Affiliate Marketer

I retired from the Navy a few years back.  I was a Submarine cook for the first fourteen years, then a Police Officer for the last eight, for a grand total of twenty-two years.  My wife was just finishing her degree when we were married, so when we found out that we were expecting, we decided that I would be the stay at home parent, since my career was over, and hers was just starting.

For a few years now, I have been trying to find a business I could run from home.  I have written a few books, but the money train really isn’t speeding in that direction.  I hold the patents to several inventions, but it takes a lot of money just to get someone to look at them.  No matter where I look, I see people investing money into ideas, but never really profiting.  Then I was introduced to Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing does sound complicated, but I assure you, it’s pretty down to earth.  Here is the working model in the most basic of explanations… you help companies sell their stuff, and they give you money for bringing the customers to them.  It’s just that simple.  Now, this article is being hosted on my affiliate website.  If you click around a bit, you will find all kinds of articles, stories and poems that bring writers to my website.

Every Affiliate Marketer starts out with a website.  Now I will be the first to tell you that I didn’t know a website from a hoot owl when I started out, but there are places where you can learn about all this stuff for free, and I will get to that in a minute.  Before you get that website, you will need to find your ‘niche.’

What is a Niche Online?

A niche is an area of interest.  If you like dogs, then dogs can be your niche.  Your website can have articles on the best food for dogs, or grooming tips.  Maybe you will have product reviews, like which chew toy is best for the dog’s teeth.  If you look around my website, you will see that my niche is writing.  I have articles on how to write and publish a book for free.  There are also book and product reviews.

If you continue to look around my website, you will see various advertisements all over the place.  These advertisements are all under my control, because I have partnered with these companies and joined their affiliate programs.  There are many affiliates programs all over the net, and once you have determined that your readers would like that company’s product, you can place the ads on your website.  Every one of your ads has your special code, so you can get credit for the sale.

Now, as people come to your website to learn about great dog things, they see products advertised that they are interested in.  When they click on the ads (links) they are taken to the site that sells the product. If they purchase the product, the company knows it was you who brought them that customer.  Some companies pay up to 50% and more to affiliates who successfully sale their products.

Build your own Free Website

As you well know, there are millions of websites out there.  In order to compete, you will have to hit the ground running.  Now, don’t be worried… there are places where you can get all the help you need, plus the education to finally be your own employer.  In no time you will have a working knowledge of internet marketing and come out of the gate strong.  The best place I have ever found to do all of this is Wealthy Affiliate, where you can get two FREE websites!

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Program ?

I honestly don’t remember how I first found Wealthy Affiliate, but it was my game changer.  I didn’t know ANYTHING about anything online or web related.  A week earlier I was trying to help my wife make a church website, and I screwed it all up.  But Wealthy Affiliate offered to teach me everything I needed to know to not only create my website, but to run it on a daily basis.

The first thing I needed was a domain.  Now if you are like me, you might not know what that is.  A  domain is a web address like mine:

Wealthy Affiliate gave me two FREE domains, and two FREE websites!  Now, once again, I really didn’t know what to do with them, but once I took a FREE seven day look at Wealthy Affiliate, I learned just how much Wealthy Affiliate University had to offer.

What is Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp ?

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp is where you can learn everything there is to know about internet marketing and affiliation.  By the time you are done, you will have an industry leading education, and it’s all self-pace.  If you have the kids at home, no problem.  If you are working two jobs, it will be there when you have a minute.  Every day you will learn more and more about finding keywords, understanding niches and determining the best path for your online business.

Here is the best part… You don’t need a credit card, because you can get a seven-day trial for FREE.
That’s not all that’s free, you also get two domains for FREE and two websites for FREE!  If you look and find out the affiliate marketing isn’t for you, we just part ways and that will be that.  Yes, it is that easy. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It’s Your Life and Your Success

OK, you have all the information you need to make a mature, informed decision.  You have my word, there is no catch.  This is the best opportunity you will find anywhere to see how you can be your own boss and control your own income.  Seriously, why wouldn’t you take the FREE trial?  The world is at your fingertips…


8 thoughts on “How to Make Money being an Affiliate Marketer

  1. I’m glad you use your own speciality to affiliate marketing. It would be better for you to start writing on your own site instead of writing a book and publish which cost you a lot more. Furthermore, nowadays people tend to spend a lot of time reading on online material. So, blog, ebooks and social media posting are the most important lately. You’re on the right track and keep on writing a good article about books so that someday people will love your site more.

  2. I love the idea of making money online from home! You say that on Wealthy Affiliate you can get up to two free websites with a free trial. How many websites do affiliate marketers typically make? Do you need to make more than one to be successful? How long did it take you before you started to see results? 

    1. Hi Ashley… Most Affiliate Marketers start out with one main website, and as they grow they take on more.  Right now I have two websites.  This one is my primary one, but I have a cooking website as well.  Its still in its infant stage, but as time passes it will grow as well. 

      If you are diligent and keep writing new content, one website can bring is great results.  It usually take a couple months to start seeing real results, but then it starts to snowball, and traffic picks up every day.  

      I appreciate you checking out my website!  Have an awesome day!


  3. Great intro to affiliate marketing! It seems like you have really learned a lot since you started. How long have you been at it? I still have a ways to go, but hopefully I will get as deep an understanding as you someday! But I enjoyed your article and enjoyed exploring your site. You have a lot to offer on there!

    1. Hello, Holly… I started in January this year (2018) but took a break over the summer to spend more time with my kids.  It’s really starting to pick up now!  Thank you for stopping in, and have a blessed day.


  4. I love how straightforward, honest, and straight to the point you are on your website. 

    Wealthy Affiliate is definitely an amazing community and it gives you all the tools you need to succeed. If you’re reading this and you are not a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community you should take a look.

    Thanks for the great information and reassuring me I made a great decision to join.

    How long did it take you to really build momentum with Wealthy Affiliate Clay?

    Looking forward to taking a look at some of your other pages as well. Have always been interested to finding out what goes into writing a book…

    Thanks again Clay!

    Jay S.

    Tower Bridge Consultants LLC

    1. Hi Jay… Once I got the hang of writing content, it started getting a lot easier.  My momentum grows daily, and I continue to learn from this awesome community!  Thanks for visiting, and have a great day!


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