The Hideaway

The Hideaway

Every once in a while, usually when you least expect it, you come across a book like this one.  To stroll through the pages and be able to feel the cool breeze of the bay as you stroll between the moss-covered oak trees that have guarded this charming Southern town for centuries.  Whenever you get the rare treat of experiencing a book like this one, you must relish it.

Once Sara hears of her grandmothers passing, she discovers that she has inherited the musty old bed and breakfast which the elderly woman ran for years.  As a condition of the will, Sara must return the B&B to its original state.  With so many whacky memories of how her grandmother used to embarrass her by the way she dressed, Sara had no intention of keeping the place.

The only thing Sara had on her mind as she traveled to Sweet Bay Alabama, was fixing the old house us and getting it on the market.  What she didn’t count on was learning who her grandmother really was as she rummaged through the many boxes and memories she found.

Lauren K. Denton did an incredible job writing this book.  The characters were so masterfully created that you couldn’t help but walk in their shoes.  The storyline was impeccable, and the book read like the stories your grandmother used to tell by the fire.  I was very impressed by this novel, and I gave this book a huge 10 out of 10 stars.

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