My Ship…

My Ship…

This is my poetry…


Be advised that use this website constitutes an understanding that I am not a real poet, and I never claimed to have talent. I regret any offense or hurt feelings…

Before we start, I would like to explain that most of the poems I wrote were in times of hardship, and were used to let off steam, and to laugh at life just a little.

My Ship

I used to think the life I had was the worst that there could be; someday my luck would have to change, for it was my destiny.clipper

Each day I’d wake and start again, to weave a brand new cloth; but when I got my ducks all in a row, they started to fly off.

Well, I was talking to a friend one day, and he said to me with a grin; “all your troubles will be over, on the day your ship pulls in.”

So I went walking down the pier one day, and I was gazing toward the sea; I was looking for that fateful ship, that my friend said there would be.

All at once on the horizon, and I’ll never forget this day; was a great big ocean liner; and its name was ‘SS Clay’.

I gazed upon the forward deck, and when I saw I cried; a lovely red-haired goddess, who was destined to be my bride.

I saw it sink down out of sight while diving from the pier; I had to save my future wife, for I feared her death was near!

When all at once a motor boat, arrived upon the scene; into the water dove a mighty man, who was tall and dark and lean.

He saved my lovely maiden, and much to my dismay; I haven’t seen or heard from either one, up till this very day.

Now I’m standing in the muddy surf, and I’m wondering what to do; my bride is gone, my ship has sunk, and there are guppies in my shoe.

So now I’m thinking to myself, life couldn’t be all that blue; I’ll just go home, kick off my boots, and make some guppy stew!

copywrite 2011


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