The Fall of Gondolin review

The Fall of Gondolin review

     Another Tolkien Victory

There are two kinds of people in the JRR Tolkien world.  There are those who know his works well, and cannot wait until the next chapter of  the Silmarillion.  They will devour each and every word with grateful hearts… then there is everyone else who has no idea what a Silmarillion is.

In ‘The Fall of Gondolin’, there are two wonderfully written narratives intertwined for 130 pages.  They are full of rich detail, making for a delightful read for those who have come to love this story line.  I particularly enjoyed the sketches which showed how the story unfolds after the destruction of Gondolin.

One thing that remains a factor in this book is the magic of Tolkien and his writing.  This story was first written when Tolkien was in his twenties, which makes it even more impressive.   The artwork, a product of Alan Lee, added magnificently to the magnificence of the story.
Well, there it is.  Obviously, this book is recommended and intended for those hard core followers of the Tolkien series.  If you fall into that group, you are in for a treat!  This is a must read.  If you are not into this kind of story, please check out some of my other book reviews.  I give this book a 9 out of 10 stars.  

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