The Silent Wife

The Silent Wife


Abuse in the Shadows

This is a story about two women, strangers that have been brought together by the men they have married. Now friends, these two women will soon be all that each other has. The tangled web of relationships, marriages and now children all with clouded pasts and unforeseen futures.

Amid all the issues and abuse. This family seems to have everything they could want, on the surface. The husband is apparently a loving person and makes a good living as he provides for his family. But when the doors are shut, and the curtains are drawn, he turns into a monster. The
extended family looks at him and sees a model parent, but when the secret of his abuse comes to light, it devastates the entire family.

Kerry Fisher does a wonderful job of filling this book with characters that almost anyone could relate too. With many plot twists and unexpected turns. You may find this book hard to put down. We liked it, and gave “The Silent Wife” 8 out of 10 stars.

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