Black Tuesday

Black Tuesday

This is the darkest poem I have ever written, or ever will write.  I was going through probably the worst time of my life, and I am pretty sure I needed therapy, but at the time I didn’t know it.  The only reason I am posting this now is to show how poetry can be therapy when you need to communicate.


Black Tuesdaytuesday

The sun did not come up that day,
no more would it be seen;
The sky was hateful, April eighth,
four score and seventeen.

For on that day a noise was heard,
the end was close at hand;
The ground had started opening,
and demons filled the land.

The screaming people tried to run,
to escape the hate and sin;
But every time they looked behind,
they saw Satan’s evil grin.

There are no short cuts anymore,
the easy streets are blocked;
The shadows are the only path,
knifes out and hammers cocked.

They looked into the sky’s above,
and hoped to see the light;
But it was far to late for that,
for smoke had filled the night.

The bridges were burned long, long ago,
there can be no return;
The Piper is here to collect his due,
and it’s a lot more than you earn.

Copywrite 2011


2 thoughts on “Black Tuesday

  1. Hi there,
    Even though you may think it is a dark poem, it can surely shed some lights in someone’s life. What I like in poem is many people can read it and find a different sense and feel it differently. While I was reading through I was more trying to find a solution and get to the cause while imagining when the light will come back. So, hope was in me.

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