We were the lucky ones

We were the lucky ones

A Literary Treasure 

This book is so much more than just a story.  I really can’t remember another time when a book moved me so much.  The sheer evil that laid in the path of the characters in this book was unimaginable.  The harsh reality that the Jewish people lived through is a painful story to bear witness too.  The brutal Nazi regime stripped them of absolutely everything.  How could anyone survive when the gates of hell are thrown open before them?

Georgia Hunter has done such a wonderful job in writing this book, as the research alone must have been staggering.  The family members she portrayed are very complex, and the family lines are all well drawn out.  If Hunters ancestors could see what she has done with this book, they would be quite proud.  I feel as though I know them myself.  Like I said earlier, this book is a literary treasure.  I must have gone through a box of tissue just in the first few chapters.  I have no problem whatsoever giving this book ten out of ten stars!


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