When Roosters Crow – Hank

When Roosters Crow – Hank

my poetry…


Be advised that use this website constitutes an understanding that I am not a real poet, and I never claimed to have talent.  I regret any offense or hurt feelings…

When I wrote ‘Hank,’ I was unemployed. I had just gotten divorced and I wasrooster miserable. I needed money in a bad way, and I needed a life. I was also daydreaming… a lot!


I got laid off of work one day, and didn’t know what to do; I
had to think of something quick, for my bills were quite a few.

I came up with a brilliant plan, I’m gonna rob a bank;
But I’ll need a good assistant, so I chose my rooster Hank!


We practiced for about three weeks, we could not afford to
fail; he did exactly what I said, I trained old Hank quite well!

I cased the bank about ten times, then memorized the plan; I
placed all of our robbing stuff, in back of Dads old van.


We didn’t have much time to waist, I drove around the back;
I stuffed Hank in a tiny hole, in the ventilation stack.

It took about ten minutes, before old Hank got through;
he went to the alarm box, and pecked the wire that was blue.


I cut the glass and reached right in, the door unlocked with
ease; I was in the bank in nothing flat, as pretty as you please

I walked around and filled my bags, my joy began to grow; then
all at once the sun came up, and Hank began to crow!


It was just my luck that Mrs. Jones, was out for her early
run; she heard old Hank and ran back home, to dial 9-1-1!

Seconds later the cops arrived, but all they could do
is stare; there was money flying all around, and feathers filled the air!


When I got outside, the parking lot, was full of cars and lights;
the sergeant snarled at me and said, “book him Dano and read his rights!”

I’m living in the prison now, my cell mate’s name is Lefty Dickins;
I’m working on my novel called, A thousand ways to skin your chickens…

Copywrite 2011


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