A Buck and a Quarter, Part Two

A Buck and a Quarter, Part Two

Hello again!  OK, so far, we have a basic idea of where our story is starting and who most of the key characters are.  Now I want to discuss the plot of the book with you.  Remember… we are writing the book, not reading the book.  If you are only here for the story, I am about to ruin it for you.  That being said, here are a few more characters:

Harold Denning (77) – Russ’s father, (either dead now or bedridden)
Edward Chancellor (65) “Eddie Chance” – Chairman and CEO of Gemini Enterprises, based out of Austin, TX, multi-billion-dollar company.
Juliet (Chancellor) Crawford (65) – Edwards twin sister, wanted nothing to do with her brother or the shady company, drifted apart, hasn’t been seen or heard in 45 years. She will be a silent character until the middle/end of the story.

The Plot

After giving it a lot of thought, I have decided that I need a big (HUGE) company that has once again crushed the little guy.  Basically, the company was used to be a small business that at one time, honored its workers and tried to give them good benefits.  Back in the day, Russ’s dad acquired a loan from the company to purchase a first (and only) home for his family.

It was basically, a $125k loan to be paid back over a 30-year period.  Russ’s dad borrowed and adjusted the loan over the years when a kid was born, or an emergency came up.  When the balance was due, Harold Denning had a check for the balance but was cheated by shady lawyers and the CEO. Harold loses his family’s home.

Right now, this book is just a bunch of files on my computer desktop.  I have notes for everything, and that’s where all of this comes from.  Now I am going to start putting it all together, so we can establish a semi-organized outline.  Don’t worry… it’s really not that complicated.  Just stay with me and you will see the order in the chaos.

Gemini Enterprises, notes

Gemini Oil and Gas, Gemini Hospitality group, Gemini Construction and Mining Corporation, Gemini Financial group.

President and CEO – Edward Chancellor “Eddie Chance”
Based out of Austin Texas.
Multi-billion-dollar company
Billed the victim (Harold Denning) for a debt to be paid at a certain time, then changed the amount and caused the victim to breach the contract.

Edward Chancellor owned a large textile company outside of Austin, Texas.  His company would loan money (through its credit union) to employees of over ten years.  The victim’s loan was coming due at two o’clock, but at the last minute, the loan amount was fraudulently changed to be $1.25 more than previously disclosed.  Now, since the payoff check is short, and the hour is nigh, according to the small print on the loan papers, the loan has been breached and forfeited.  The man loses his home and his ranch, and due to the stress, has a stroke and is permanently hospitalized.

Daddy Chancellor owned the initial company, but he died suddenly.  The name of the company was changed to third chance. Edward has a twin sister, thus the name Gemini. She didn’t want anything to do with the dirty way her brother ran the company, so she bailed but still owns 50% of the stock.

Time to start writing

I am going to start making a very rough outline and see if we might be able to start writing.  Keep in mind, this is just a rough, and usually, you aren’t doing it with so many people watching.  I usually go back and forth changing things as I get more ideas.  Here is where I am so far…

Prologue – tell about Russ’s dad, third chance enterprises, Crooked deal.
One – Knotty skipper, introduce the cast, fun stories, and banter between friends.
Two – Harold Denning’s health (death?), describe the plan to assault Gemini Enterprises.
Three, four and five – Research on all of Gemini holdings in North America, reach out.
Six, seven, eight – Small scale incursions, harassing smaller interests.
Nine, ten – Blowback, police, FBI
Eleven – Bringing it all (the entire plan) together, assault on finances & equipment.
Twelve – Two/three team members caught by local police, the plan is threatened.
Thirteen – Juliet Crawford is discovered, good or bad??
Fourteen – Juliet inserts herself into everything.
Fifteen – The fall and overthrow of Gemini Enterprises
Sixteen – Eddie Chance is locked up because he is not a nice guy.

Don’t worry!

Don’t worry about the fact that there are only sixteen chapters.  Remember, this is only a guideline.  Now we have a basis to start writing.  At this point, I will open a new Word document for every chapter and start my rough draft.  If I run out of ideas for chapter one, I can start again in chapter six.

What exactly is a rough draft? Let me show you how mine looks:

Prologue (rough draft)

Denning was in the waiting room, he was nervous.  There was a lady behind the desk, very quiet.  He was thinking about his retirement, looking back at his life.

In 1959 he was just out of school, no job.  Dad suggested the local gas station.  He would be there most of his life.  The gas station was part of a huge national company.

Prologue (edited)

Harold Denning sat nervously in the waiting room.  He tried not to stare at the young lady behind the desk, but he couldn’t help himself.  After forty long years, he finally did it.  He was retiring.  It seemed like it took forever, but now that he was there, he wondered where the time went.  Now, all he had to do was the paperwork.

In 1959, Harold was just a young boy out of high school, looking for his way in life.  Harold’s father suggested he try to find a job at the local gas station, and that’s what he did.  Little did he know that he would be working there for the next forty years.  The gas station was just a tiny part of the huge company, Aries Gas and Oil.

Do you see the difference?  My rough draft is kind of like shorthand notes that you might take in world history class.  It’s for me, and usually, nobody else will see it.  By the time this book is ready to publish, I will have several drafts; Note draft, really rough draft, rough draft, finished manuscript, edited manuscript, and finally, the finished product.

Almost ready to rock and roll

Let’s see where we are now… we have our characters, our town, our back-story, our plot, and our rough conclusion.  We have a working outline, which gives us a place to start writing.  It looks like we are ready to start our book.  First, let me share a personal thought with you.

I know people say that you should set a goal for your daily writing, but when you are writing a book, I disagree with this.  If I want to write what’s in my heart and mind, I don’t want to pump out words just to satisfy my deadline.  That makes for a forced story and bad writing, and usually, readers can tell the difference.

When I was writing my first novel, I would sometimes write 200 words a day, but the next day I might write 5,000.  I could only write what was on my mind, and anything else would have been garbage.  Take your time and enjoy the journey.  It’s your story, and you should tell it your way.  If Stephen King looked at my process, he would probably shake his head and walk away.

Look out for part three, when we actually start writing our story.  If you have any thoughts about this article or my website, please share them below.  Thank you for spending time with me.  Now, go write something!

       ~ A Buck and a Quarter, Part One ~





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