So, you want to write a book…

So, you want to write a book…

You want to be an Author

I think that at some point in everybody’s life, they think about writing a book.  For some reason or other, very few ever complete it.  Fewer still can ever actually make the claim “I wrote my own book.” So, why is that?  It’s doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that writing a book is hard work, and very time-consuming.  The excitement that you once had has been replaced with discouragement and disappointment.

Thinking like this is the reason it’s so easy to put off writing that novel with the mindset that you will be a smarter, wiser more intelligent writer in a few more months.  The problem is the soon those months turn into years, and you are not better writer… you are actually in worse shape because you haven’t been writing at all.

If you want to be a writer, you have to write as much and as often as you can.  Stop putting it off, grab your computer and look at the blank screen.  I know that easy for me to say, but you can do it.  This time, it has to be different.  You have to stop thinking that you are a failure. But how will you start writing, when the only thing you can think of is failing?

What you have to do is to prepare for the task in front of you.  Here are some helpful tips that should smooth the way for you.

You gotta get up early

Having an idea for a book is not enough.  You have to take time and mentally prepare yourself to write your book.  Think of all the reasons you have for writing the book, and make a list.  Place the list somewhere that is easy for you to look at it and remember those reasons.
You are going to want to remember why you started down this path, because writing your novel will be very time consuming.  It will take months of writing and re-writing before you have anything decent. It can be easy to get lost in the process, which is why you have your list to look back on… so you can remember how exciting it was at the beginning,

Try to write down as many reasons as you can possibly think of on your list.  Don’t worry… you can always add to your list later.  They don’t have to be profound reasons, it could just be “I was bored and wanted something to do” or maybe “I wanted to try something I have never tried before.”  Just make sure you have some points on the list that you can look back on.

Know what you gonna do

So, do you have a good story idea?  That’s great!  But, an idea isn’t enough.  Oh, you could start off well, and maybe even get all of your characters in line.  But before long you will be asking yourself “Now what?  Why am I writing this?  Does this scene have a purpose?”  Now, all of a sudden, this chapter is going off in the wrong direction, and that character is useless in this dialog.

The idea of throwing away five chapters of writing is horrifying, but if you have lost your way, sometimes it’s necessary.  This is why you have to be prepared before you start writing.

It’s not that big of a deal if you are not sure where your story is going in your first draft.  Usually, when you get to a certain scene things start falling into place.  Even if they don’t, your characters will be better situated.  Is it possible to nail the plot on the first draft? Yes, but you had better have done your homework.  This takes planning and preparation.  Forethought is your greatest ally when writing your novel.

Spruce up the place

If your desk is clean and organized, you may find yourself my excited and ready to write.  Get rid of everything you don’t need to achieve your goal.  Make sure you’re writing program or notebook is based on your style of writing.  Make a special playlist of music that you know will help you to concentrate and work better.  Make sure that anything that could possible distract you is away from your desk, so you don’t find yourself day dreaming.

You have to read

Suddenly, just as you are neck deep in your novel and everything is going well, you feel as if you have totally forgotten how to write.  You are not quite sure how people talk… how they enter a room, or how much the sigh.  This happens.

Step outside and take a deep breath.  Clear your head and try to stop thinking about your book.  Now, go and read a couple chapters in your favorite book or just read something that inspires you.  If you escape into a world with appealing characters, and take note of what makes them appealing to you.  Before long, you will be ready to attack yours again.

One thing that is a must… you must write every day.  You have to make the time, and just do it.  If you can’t find time, you will have to make it.  I used to get up an hour early, make a cup of coffee and start writing.  The house was quiet, the kids were sleeping am I wrote.  You can do this… it’s not rocket science.  If you have time to play video games or watch TV, you have time to write. Do you usually take a nap after work? Not today… you need to write. If you want to be a writer, you MUST write.

You don’t have to write a whole chapter, or a thousand words every time you sit down.  You can write in shorter spirts, but don’t skip any.
You must write.  If you plan on catching up the next day, you will never do it.  You must write.

Does this work for you?

Everything you just read is what I have done, and it works well for me.  Everything does not work for everyone.  You have to find out what
works for you.  The first thing you have to do is ask yourself… “Is writing really something I want to do?”  If it is, then you will find a way. I planned of writing a book… I ended up writing ten, so far, am I have ideas for five or six more.  Oh, and did I tell you I failed 10th grade English?  I hated writing.  I hated reading.  I hated spelling and punctuation.  But look at me now. My old high school English teacher would roll over in her grave if she knew I ever became a writer.  Well, Mrs. Ware, here’s to you.


4 thoughts on “So, you want to write a book…

  1. I have always thought of doing short stories or writing a book, but never really pushed myself too it. I have been writing a good bit more lately, and I find your post to be very inspirational. Something if you will I may add after reading your post, is that you don’t necessarily have to create the story in order. If you have a great idea for a scene, than put it on paper. You can always reorganize the chapters later. Getting started can be the hardest part, but once you start you will find the motivation to keep going. Thank you again for your inspirational post!

    1. Right you are, Matt. The most important thig is that you write.  As long as you are doing that, the pieces will eventually come together.  Thanks for dropping by…


  2. Clay,
    Well if I ever doubted writing a book myself guess what you have convinced me that it is possible. This is actually something I have tossed around before in my mind; but well just never really figured I would be any good at it. I must say your an inspiration to anyone who would thinks they cannot do writing or anything else for that matter. Your correct why not at least give it a try and I might just do that if ever wrapping my head around what I can write about.
    Thank you for the great article hopefully you will have more for people like me who need a reality check.

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