Monday… Sweet Monday

Monday… Sweet Monday

This is my poetry…


Be advised that use this website constitutes an understanding that I am not a real poet, and I never claimed to have talent.  I regret any offense or hurt feelings…

Being the father to three boys is quite the experience…  I wrote this one Monday, glad to have survived the weekend!


Monday… Sweet Mondayskipping

As troubles that last week had brought, were fading with the sun;

The hope of rest and peace were here, for the weekend had begun.

But my hopes and dreams were cut off short, my train had been derailed;

When Alex’s teacher gave a call, and said he was expelled.


I was really mad, but then I thought, that’s life, this too shall pass;

that’s when I found my eldest son, so many times cut class.

My weekend was quite hectic here, the house was filled with noise;

So many fights and arguments, but that’s normal for our boys.


 sickMy only hope for peace and rest, the pillow I lay my head;

But that was just a fleeting thought, when David threw up in bed.

From two ‘til six I scrubbed the floors, the sickness would not stop,

‘twas just before I left for church. that I finally hung my mop.


I stood quite tall on the forward deck, of my quickly sinking ship;

With my head up high, I’ll change that bulb. but then I fell and banged my hip.

It’s Sunday now, the game is on, my team will be the light;

But the quarterback did something dumb, and fate had sealed my night.


So Monday finely rears its head, the weekend now has gone.

Don’t judge me as I weep and sob all sprawled out on my lawn.


Copywrite 2011


2 thoughts on “Monday… Sweet Monday

  1. Hey there,

    Even though you say you don’t claim to be a poet or haven’t said you have the talent, I got to say that your words and creativity, and more importantly, the creativity, all show that you are more than talented.

    Is there a way I can take lesson on creativity from you? Do you have an email list I can subscribe to? I mean I seriously want to know this stuff.

    1. Hi Dave… You are too kind!  I am not sure if creativity can be taught.  Creativity, to me, can be described like an old oak tree.  The passion does not only come from the branches, but from every scar the tree bares.  If a person reflects on their past , good and bad, it stirs up emotions.  Emotions are the root of creativity.  I am positive, Dave, that you have it… you just have to find it.  

      This is a new website, and I have yet to connect my email to it, but I can be reach at, or you can find me here.  Thank for dropping by…


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