Let’s Go… Write your book already!

Let’s Go… Write your book already!

You have been thinking about it for a long time now.  There have been so many excuses not to do it… there’s not enough time, or the kids take up all my energy.  Here is the worst one… the killer of all dreams; Nobody wants to read anything that I would write.  Fine.  Is it out of your system now?  Good! Now, stop whining and pick up your laptop… lets do this!

Finally, I am going to start my book!

In this article, I am going to touch on all the reasons you put off writing your book.  In this day and age, there really is no reason to put it off.  Back in the day, there was a million reasons not to write a book… you had to hand write or type your book.  If you didn’t take a typing class in high school, it was really and up hill battle.  Then, after six months of typing, you send off your manuscript just so it can be rejected and sent back to you with a note attached: “Currently, we have no need for a book of this nature.”

Today is a new day!  We have computers; laptops and tablets, so we can take it with us and when we have a few minutes in the waiting room, we can pull it out and write.  When the dinner dishes are done, and the kids are in bed, you can pour yourself a glass of wine and write.  So, lets see… we have dealt with time and kids.  What are some other excuses…

Money.  Who has twenty thousand dollars to send to a publisher?  Well, that is no longer an issue.  If you want too, you can still publish your book that way, but why start off in the hole?  There are self-publishing websites now that allow you to upload your manuscript, design your cover and sell your book world-wide at no cost to you.  That’s right… FREE!

Publish your book world-wide for nothing!

Currently, I have nine books published, and they costed me nothing at all.  I have sales in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Japan, Germany… the list goes on and on.  Amazon allows you to publish your book for nothing.  Here is how it works… When a customer orders your book from Amazon anywhere in the world, they pay for it up front.  Once the book is paid for, it is printed and shipped.  Your get your
percentage of the profits, and Amazon gets theirs.

I think by now we have handled all of your excuses but the last one… Nobody wants to read my book.  That’s just silly.  This world is full of people who want to hear your story.  My first book sold like
hotcakes in Scotland and is still selling to this day.  You never know unless your try.  I’ll tell you what… you publish your book and send me a link.  I will buy it!

How can I be a writer?

I get it… sometimes when starting out in something new, you have no idea how to do it.  Here are some tips that should help you get started.  First, find a place in your home where you can sit comfortable with as little distraction as possible.  I know, you have kids and that place doesn’t exist.  But sooner or later they will fall asleep, and you will have a minute to yourself.  Having a special place to write will also relax you.

What?  You have no computer?  No worries.  Did you know you can get a nice Chromebook for about $141?  If that’s too much, you can get a nice tablet for writing for under $100.  What if you don’t have any money?  Then, you write down your main ideas… take notes on your thoughts and main characters.  Sooner or later, you will be able to get a tablet or computer, and you will be ready to write!

How do I start my book?

I had no idea how to start my first book.  Since it was a military autobiography, I decided to start by writing out each year as a chapter.  Then, I went through all my records and wrote down the highlights of what happened that year.  Later, as I focused on those highlights, I just started writing what happened innavy detail.  Some of the years had fewer details, so I would combine two years into one chapter, and so on.  Soon, I had a rough draft!

If you book is going to be a work of fiction, you can start out the same way.  Instead of years, you can use main events for your chapter headings.  This is why writing a book today is so easy… you can cut and paste parts of your manuscript anywhere in you book.  Let’s say you have an event that you wrote into the first chapter, then you decided it would be better in the middle of the book.  Cut… paste… boom!  There it is, easy as pie.

What if I get stuck?

What happens if you hit a dead spot and have no idea where your story is going?  This is a common occurrence, and you should be ready for it.  My first mystery book is called “Mystery, USA.”  The book has many events that happen throughout the pages, so when I hit a dead end, I would just skip to the next idea, and write there.  I actually wrote the ending first, since that is where my best ideas were.  By the time I finished one part, I knew what to do in the next.

Now be honest… is there any reason that you can’t start your book today?  Think about it… one day, your children will be showing your book to your grandchildren saying, “Look kids… your grandma wrote this,” or “Look guys, here is the book grandpa wrote.”  How cool would that be?  So, kick off your shoes, and find your favorite chair… lets write that book!


4 thoughts on “Let’s Go… Write your book already!

  1. Hey, Clay.

    I agree 100% with you. There should be no excuse for you to not write your book and publish it. Making a success of yourself is just that easy nowadays.

    I myself have published one book in both e-book and paperback formats and it is selling online still as we speak.

    Thinking that you don’t have the time, energy, mental capacity, experience, creativity or literary skills to write your book is just an excuse and a lie you tell yourself to be okay with being average.

    Good for you for publishing 9 books so far. I believe I will get there soon too!

  2. Really liked your site. Couldn’t stop reading it. I like your ideas of how to write a book. Of why and how to get started and how to get past being stuck. Really great ideas about self publishing. You write very well. I wrote a book of poetry and it did sell some and then nothing. What are some other things a person can do to help the sells to continue?

    1. Hi Janine… There are things you can do to get your book noticed, but most of them cost money.  The big names you see on the high selling list have usually invested life savings to hire publicists and promote their books,  I have never taken that road.  If you would like for me to put one or more of your poems on my website, I will post them next to a picture of your book and a link to your sales.  Just let me know if you are interested.  Thanks for stopping by…   Clay

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