Some gift ideas for writers…

Some gift ideas for writers…

Here are some things that every writer should have….

Well, what do you give a writer? I know that when someone gives me a box of pens or a new notebook, I feel that they may have missed the mark. The truth is, nobody knows what to give a writer, because there are no real writer gifts. Ok, so what can you buy a writer? Here are some suggestions that might hit the mark… google85e2645f87744518.html

1 – How about a Book of words? It seems to me that anyone who’s writes words for a living would be happy with a Book of Words that would make the job easier. Here is the The Word Detective: Searching for the Meaning of It All at the Oxford English Dictionary, and Word by Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries. shakespear

2 – Then you have the one thing that every writer should have… The Literary Hero’s Collection: Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, and Edgar Allen Poe.  What writer wouldn’t be inspired with their Shakespeare action figure standing next to them!

3 – Here is something for the writer who likes to add the ergonomic definition to thier way of doing things.  The ergonomic keyboard will make thier day, and here is the mouse and mouse pad to go with it.

4 – If you are buying for the writer who loves to read their book electronicly, a Kindle would be a nice surprise.  That way they can check out the eBooks they publish!

5 – Sometimes (like today) I stay in my pajamas all day long.  Why not?  I work from home, so every day is pajama day!  If your person feels the same way, maybe they can use a nice set of  pajamas.  

auqa6 – For the writer who likes to burn midnight oil, how about a set of Glow-in-the-dark pens!  That should save some of that midnight oil!

7 – I’ll bet the writer in your life doesn’t have a Personal Embosser.  An embosser allows you to professionally stamp your books to make sure the borrowed ones come back!

8 – Here is something I know you will want… Newton’s Cradle.  This is the perfect item for the desk of a thinker!

9 – How about some nice jewlry to put the finishing touches on any writer.  The very fashionable Typewriter Jewelry or Cufflinks would certanly add a classy touch!

10 – Some writers get those “Ah-ha” moments when they are in shower, so what gift could possibly be better than Aqua Notes!  Never again will a thought be lost between the shampoo and conditioner cycles!

11 – The last thing on the gift list is something no self respecting writer would be without… The Writer Emergency Pack.  It is a must have for budding writers!

12 – If a writer needs an atmosphere for concentration, Scented Candles will do the trick.  These candles are perfect for the Zen that you need, and excellent for stress relief!


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