Tailspin book review

Tailspin book review

Action, Adventure and Fun

I think Sandra Brown is one of my favorite all time authors.  There is no wonder that this #1 New York Times bestselling author has given us 79 passion filled, exciting novels over the past three decades.  She has the ability to write stories that people remember for years, and this one was no exception.                                                                                     Browns’ expertise in storytelling is showcased in this face paced action thriller.  I like that romance is not the dominate factor in this story, and most readers are strongly pulled toward the leading male characters in her novels.  Captivating her audiences with people like Rye Mallett, the fearless pilot, who is just skilled and crazy enough to fly his plane loaded with mysterious cargo into the North Georgia foothills amidst “Biblical” foggy conditions on the weekend of Thanksgiving.

If you love exciting, out of the box thrillers, then you will enjoy “Tailspin.”  We gave this heroic book 8 out of 10 stars.   

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